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Senior Student Highlight - Moss

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

This year, we will be dedicating a post to each one of our senior students. Many of our students are graduating from high school and have been with us for a long time. It is heart warming to hear from them how music has impacted their lives and how they plan to stay involved as they move forward in their journey. This week we've had the great opportunity to hear from Moss.

Young Moss practicing chords on the guitar.

Moss started taking lessons at Jacks and playing guitar when he was eight years old. Jack was his first instructor, followed by Adam, and now has been taking with Chris for the last four plus years.

Moss shared with us that his favorite genres of music are Jazz, Rock, and Acoustic music. "I like playing rock on my electric guitar and acoustic guitar because they can sound completely different" he said.

Moss participated numerous times in our Summer Rock School programs as well as our annual recitals. He liked the Summer Rock School because he was able to make new friends, practice with others and play in a band. He also mentioned the joy he got from performing with his band mates for friends and family on the last day. Moss has played in multiple recitals throughout the years and said "I had fun playing with other musicians in a band and listening to the other performances after I was finished."

Moss hopes to develop his musical skills in his future. "I hope to get involved in music in some form when I attend college next fall. I will look for a music club or find friends who enjoy playing instruments."

Studying an instrument can really change your life. You may not realize it's happening while you are putting in the hard work practicing, but looking back over the years you will find ways that it has really made a difference.

" Playing the guitar has improved my fine motor skills, memory and focus. Practicing for me is relaxing and helps manage my stress. Playing the guitar for me is a form of mindfulness and a creative outlet." Moss also shared with us some specific lessons he learned through studying music. "Learning comes through practice, perseverance and making mistakes" says Moss.

"I always get out of playing guitar what I put into it. Playing music is not about being perfect. It is about the experience, what benefits you and what others can reap from it. Guitar teaches me discipline and gives me confidence"

Here is a video of Moss playing a guitar solo with his band.

We asked Moss if he had any final words to share with us when looking back on his time taking guitar lessons with us, and here is what he had to say.

"Playing guitar for me has been less about becoming an accomplished musician and more about the therapy and fun it has to offer"

"I have always looked forward to each lesson and have enjoyed learning from my teachers. I am thankful to my parents for the opportunity. I am also thankful to Chris, Adam and Jack for teaching and supporting me."

Moss on the right playing guitar with some bandmates.

Looking back on our time with Moss, we are both inspired by him and excited for his future.

"He's just a great kid" says Jack about Moss "he understands what it takes to be not only successful in his musical adventures but also in life."

"It makes me proud to be able to give the gift of music to someone who not only takes to it, but also understands the value it has and will give him through his entire life. Moss is a great example of why I started JGG. Not only do we give the gift of music but we also help students understand that dedication and perserverance in anything has it's own rewards." Jack adds.

Chris says "Moss has been a student of mine since 2014, and each class comes in with a smile. He has an excitement for music, and learning in general, and that makes him a pleasure to teach."

"He is consistently engaged, interactive, and asks great questions. I can tell that this mindset extends to other facets of his life and he always puts his best foot forward. "

"Moss has been one of my longest taking students, and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow as a musician and a young man!" We know that Moss will find many ways to share the gift of music to those around him in his future! Thank you Moss for being a part of our life's journey. We wish you the best of success! - The JGG Team

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