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"Life is about rhythm.  We vibrate, our pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine"
- Mickey Hart -

Jack’s Guitar Offers Private Drum Lessons.

Jack’s offers weekly, 30 minute private drum lessons for ages 7 and up.  Students learn the essential drum rudiments and how to read rhythmic figures and incorporate the different style beats to songs varying from rock to jazz to funk. 


The drums are one of the leaders of the band as they provide the steady beat, and can drastically change the feel of the song depending on the groove they are playing.  While the drums not always be at the forefront of the stage, when a great drummer gets behind the kit, you may be surprised at how musical the drums can be. 

Students are encouraged to supplement their private lessons with attendance at group rock jams which are offered right at Jack’s in both children and adult versions.  We have found that musicians who take the next step to join a music group are more apt to quickly develop their own creative and expressive styles

Drum Instructors:
If you are looking for some popular songs that heavily emphasize the drums, check these out!
  • "Moby Dick" - Led Zeppelin
  • "YYZ" - Rush

If you have any questions regarding our lessons, please don't hesitate to call us at either location, or send us an email to

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