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Senior Student Highlight - Eli

We are excited to share another Senior Student Highlight with you! We have many student this year who will be leaving us and taking the next big step in their life's journey. This month we are getting to know one or our senior students, Eli.

Eli started taking lessons with us when he was 13 years old. He has studied guitar and bass with instructors Matt and Billy, and vocal lessons with Adam and Avanah.

All of his teachers have really enjoyed being a part of his musical journey.

"He always shows up to class excited,and is determined to learn new things, even if they seems impossible at first. He is one of those people who carries music in his heart. When he is singing you can tell he loves what he is doing, and that makes everyone else love it too." says Avanah.

Matt shares with us "I always notice if a week goes by and I haven't seen Eli. He is very passionate about music and loves the Red Sox just as much as I do. He has been a great student."

"He tries hard to make learning fun, and is full of ideas for new songs to learn and continues to set and obtain goals for himself. He is such a happy kid with a positive attitude and I always looked forward to teaching him" Eli's guitar instructor, Billy shares.

Eli has learned many styles of music over the years but his favorite genre of music is soft rock "because it is soft, but powerful." He says.

It was great to have Eli in a number of our recitals as well. Each year our students have the opportunity to play in a band setting with other students. His favorite recital was when his band played "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis. "My band was so close that we all became friends."

Eli shared with us some specific skills he's learned from taking music lessons. He told us he's learned a lot about patience, "I won't be a pro the very instant I see a piece." He says he is very glad he now has the ability to read music.

Eli plans to keep making a music a priority in his life, even during college.

"It's a very healthy coping mechanism, and its just plain fun. Music has given me an output for my stress. Instead of worrying, I pick up my guitar and play until the pain goes away."

"Jack's has been there for me through the toughest times, and I'm forever thankful for everything!" He says.

We are proud to have had Eli as one of our students and are excited to see him take on new challenges in college. We know he will do nothing short of chasing and obtaining his dreams!

Thank you Eli for letting us be a part of your story,

The J.G.G. Team

Eli singing at our last recital

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