Senior Student Highlight - Zachary

This month, our senior student feature is Zac. It is exciting to hear his story of how music has impacted his life and how he has been able to use it to better the lives of others.

Zac started taking lessons with us when he was 16 years old. He has studied piano and guitar with Jack and Ryan.

"One of Zac’s best qualities is his curiosity about all aspects of music, including theory, songwriting and the creative process. He has interest in marketing, promotion, and the technological side of music as well. All this combined with hard work and dedication, will serve him well no matter where life takes him. " Says Ryan, his current guitar instructor.

Zac tells us that he is grateful that he learned music theory, which have also influenced his interest in music composition. He has worked with his instructors on his songwriting and shares his gratitude for the opportunity to network with other people who share in his interests here at J.G.G.

"He has demonstrated how passion for music can lead you to great opportunities. His determination to better himself in music gave him the ability to find his niche and hone that to a high level." Says Jack,

Here is a photo of Zac performing with his band, "The Wrest ".

Zac also performed in one of our recitals, he told us that he enjoyed being with new people, learning new music and enjoyed preparing a song to a high level. Playing the piano in the recital was the one and only time he has ever played the piano on stage! His "go to" instrument is the guitar.

Zac has used his love ofr performing in many ways. He has a band that he plaid with at the "Rockin for SuperTy" charity event. This is a charity event raises awareness for pediatric cancer research. He also enjoys playing at local nursing homes.

"I can't even put into words how much playing that guitar has changed my life." Says Zac "The unbelievable opportunities I've experienced like the 'Rockin for SuperTy' charity event with my band are things I can never forget."

It is wonderful to see how the inspiration of music continues to get passed on through generations. "I want to be able to write music similar to the music I grew up with, and inspire people the way I am inspired" says Zac.

What style of music did he grow up with? Zac says his favorite genres of music are 70's classic rock and 90's punk. "I grew up with Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and Chris Corell's voices. They will forever be in my memories."

We are very proud to be a part of Zac's story. It is exciting to watch him take his musical skills and passion into the next step of life. He is currently preparing for auditions to study music in college.

"It's amazing how much taking lessons here has turned my life from being boring, just playing video games, to being in band, writing music and raising money for charities that I care for and so so much more. I could go on for hours."

Here is a video of Zac playing with his band, The Wrest.

Zac, you are an inspiration to us and everyone around you. We know that you will continue to grow as a musician and are confident that you will do great things moving forward!

We wish you the best as you chase your dreams,

The J.G.G. Team

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