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Jacks Guitar Garage is now offering bands, as well as singer-songwriters, the opportunity to record their music in our professional recording studio. Jack and the staff at JGG will now be available to produce a single song, a demo or even a full album. You supply the music and we can provide the engineer to record, edit and produce a professional recording of your music. Our new facility is equipped with amps, drums and keyboards in order to save time and money.

Preparation work:

Start by practicing and then practicing more. Studio time is paid for on an hourly basis. The more you can work out on your own, the less pressure you will feel, and the smoother your recording session will go.

Ways to Record:

Most of our bands will record live down to track. This means the band will all play at the same time while keeping the individual instruments separated on their own individual track. This usually excludes the singer or soloist who plays over the prerecorded band after the initial tracks have been laid down.

Singer-songwriters, who typically don’t play with a full band, record tracks. This is when one instrument is played at a time and the song is built instrument by instrument until all sounds are layered in order to produce a full band sound. This option is more time-consuming but does give the engineer more control over the individual instruments.

Both types above come with an additional step called the “mix-down”. This is when all the recording is complete and the sound engineer tweaks the sound using EQ and effects. The engineer will adjust volumes and blend the individual tracks into a cohesive recording where its intent is to have a full sounding, well blended recording that is ready to be played for the masses.


Recording Layout:
With all recordings the time it takes can vary depending on instrumentation, preparedness, production and how picky you are. Typically most recording time is cut into thirds not including set up time. One third is the band actually playing together through the song(s) without solos and vocals. One third overdubbing; recording the solos, lead and backup vocals as well as any other add-ons needed. The last third would be mixdown. Fine tuning the individual tracks, equalizing sounds, adding effects and blending the music and recording it to a master.  


Studio .010 - Copy.jpg

"The chemistry that you get from living with your band and creating music and recording with your band translates to the stage."

-Zac Brown

Time estimate:

Projects vary depending on number of band members, instruments, and quantity of songs. It is in our estimation that a three song recording of a full band live would take about four hours.

Projects that are geared towards singer/songwriters that do not have a full band may double the amount of time needed. - If you are a singer songwriter please see additional sheet for options.

For additional information/questions please contact Jack at or 508-393-7200.


The performance center recording fees are $75 per hour. Blocks of time for demos are at a discounted rate of $280 for 4 hours of studio time w/engineer and a ½ hour consultation about your project. This is to insure the project is on time and on budget.

The Details

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