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JGG's Kickin' choir

JGG is proud to announce our new performance choir!

If you’ve experienced the joy of singing with a choir, you understand how uplifting it can be. Imagine a modern choir with a personality that encompasses percussive sounds and arrangements that highlight every aspect of a choir. Our interactive choir not only engages its members but draws from the audience as well. We have created a musical experience that will be uplifting, entertaining, and unforgettable.

Our Concert Choir Goals

To rehearse, perform, and record creative modern choral music using different styles and
arrangements. To gain vocal confidence through teamwork, hard work, and enjoyment. To develop exceptional musicianship by experiencing variables that draw on people's emotions. And yes, we will learn to sing in harmony, work on reading music, and our listening skills.

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Choir 001 copy.png
  • Learn to listen and appreciate other choir members’ work and talent.

  • Come prepared and open to all types of music.

  • Keep an open mind to new ideas and musical expressions. You’ll be amazed.

  • Your presence and focused participation are important to the success of the group.

  • Class attendance is expected even during times of voice failure.

  • Your body is your instrument. Take good care of it so that it works well for you.

  • To use the process of recording in the classroom as a tool for learning.

  • Participate whole-heartedly in every warm-up and rehearsal activity.


Our choir will rehearse Friday nights from 6:30 to 7:30 for fifteen weeks in Northborough. All students ages 12 to 18 are invited to join! Limited space available. Cost: $225

A final performance at JGG’s Performance Center and a Professional Audio/Video Recording.

Starting October 11 th, Directed by Instructors: Avanah & Danielle

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