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Voice and Piano Instructor 

Danielle has been studying music since she was 12 and is excited to be a part of the J.G.G team. Music has always been a passion for Danielle and now she feels fortunate to be able to share her talents with our musical community. She found that music is a great way to build excitement and confidence, and bases her teachings around these aspects, which have made her into the great performer/teacher she is today.

Danielle started her musical journey with her voice when she realized it was something to cultivate. She believes the voice is an instrument that needs constant maintenance and continues to study voice with Jane Shivick, an accomplished and renowned vocalist and winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. This ongoing growth in her vocal abilities,  made it only natural that she would start taking taking piano lessons to fortify her vocal performances.

Danielle is a versatile vocalist who has studied many styles of music, including Opera, Jazz and Musical Theatre. Her experience in performing includes many choirs, musicals and now a local A Cappella group that performs in the area. She can also be seen at local clubs as a solo performer with her piano, as well as fronting her project with additional players.

Danielle understands first hand what it takes to overcome a vocalists toughest tasks, stage fright. The voice is such a personal instrument making it one of the most difficult to learn and one of the most difficult to share. Danielle has made it one of her personal goals to continue to grow in this area and help others to find their voice in order to present it without inhibitions. She’s helped students with auditions, proper performance technique, and how to sing from the heart.


Danielle’s teaching approach is very student focused, with a big emphasis on developing great skills, technique and confidence. She is excited about making music interesting and attractive to even the youngest of students. She enjoys the feeling she gets when finding new ways to connect with students, and being able to use those connections to elevate them to a new level.


Fleetwood Mac, Lake Street Dive, Jessica Vosk

1st song you learned beginning to end

My Heart Will Go On


The Upright Bass

  • Anything from Pink Floyd's 'The Wall" album. 

what inspired you into music

My father has always been a huge musical influence on me. He is a huge music fan and has always had a large collection of vinyl records, most of which encompass a wide variety of musical genres. This exposed me to a lot of wonderful music as a child.


When a student goes beyond just playing/singing the notes and begins to feel what it is they are creating.

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