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recording & production

Jacks Guitar Garage is now offering songwriters the opportunity to record their original song in a professional recording studio. The staff at JGG in conjunction with our instructors will now be available to bring your inspiration to reality. Our new facility has been fortified with everything needed to to record and produce a song. If you have a song idea we can fine tune it, create a music chart and add a variety of instruments in support. Our staff is available to not only help with the craftsmanship of the song, but will play instruments if needed.  

Preparation work

Start by speaking with your instructor and let them know you are a songwriter and are interested in bringing the song you wrote to life. At that point your instructor will work with you in conjunction with your regular lesson to write out a lead sheet of the song. Once this has happened it will be necessary to have a few additional lessons with Jack in order to fine tune the song and make sure we understand the correct feel, instrumentation and flow of the song as well as being efficient when the recording process starts.

Recording process

With all recordings the time it takes can vary pending on instrumentation, preparedness and level of production. This will depend on the student and their needs. Typically most students will want to play an instrument or sing on the recording. This is recommended but not necessary.
Once we have the skeleton of the song down it is easier for Jack & The Staff at JGG to add additional instrumentation to enhance the recording at a later time. This is the best way to save time and additional fee.


Songwriting 2.jpg

 “Rules do not make works of art; works of art make rules."

 - Claude Debussy

What do I get
At the end of the project you will receive a professional digital copy of your song that we can post to our YouTube channel with your permission enhanced with photos of the recording sessions.



The Details

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