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Guitar, Piano, and Voice Instructor

I grew up in a household that greatly appreciated music. In middle school, I started getting more and more into playing guitar and quickly became hooked on garage rock and punk bands like the White Stripes, the Clash, and Green Day to name a few. I played along to these bands in my bedroom, teaching myself how to play the songs. 

 In high school, I joined the school Jazz Band, and quickly became the band leader for our school Pit Bands where we were recognized as the best band in many competitions, and I had won some awards for a solo instrumentalist. 

At 17, I decided to pursue an education at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell for Sound Recording Technology, a degree that combined my passion for music with my interests in science and technology. During my time there, I got the chance to take private lessons with some incredible musicians. I worked on playing music outside of my comfort zone and practiced playing jazz, country, and classical music. Ultimately, good old rock and roll is still my favorite, but I can take plenty of influence from other genres. 

In 2016, this education really became full circle when I started working as a lesson instructor at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell. There, every day after class I would go and spend hours teaching the members how to play a variety of different instruments. I worked with students who had a wide range of ages, skill levels, and musical interests. This was an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, and I am so happy I get to put those teaching skills to use at JGG! 


The Beatles (very original, I know)

1st song you learned beginning to end

Seven Nation Army, the White Stripes


Tenor Sax


If Not For You, George Harrison

what inspired you into music

My dad always played the best music growing up, and I spent my entire life watching how happy it made him. I had a connection with music at a young age and was hooked on learning how to play.


I worked very closely with a member at the Boys and Girls Club who was very shy and had a hard time playing in front of people. We worked together on being more confident playing, and he got very comfortable when in the music room. After 2 years, he was over his stage fright and actually played some original songs for some donors at a charity event. He rocked it too! That moment, years of practice and work came into fruition. 

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