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Jack's Guitar Garage, Larry Florentine

Students answer:

"What's your favorite thing about Larry?"


“He is so nice

and we get to do

fun activities.”

Pranav - drum student, age 10

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Piano and Drum Instructor

Larry is a Berklee educated musician who has experience with guitar, drums and bass. He has been teaching consistantly since he began studying in college. Aside from teaching, Larry has over 10 years of experience in performance and recording. He also has a skill for composing music.


Larry grew up mainly as a rock musician, but he has since gone on to study jazz, blues, classical, funk, as well as many other genres of music. He has enjoyed learning the different techniques and history behind each genre and continues to develop his skills playing different styles of music. 


Larry has been a member of multiple bands and ensebmles including rock/metal groups, jazz ensembles. He has also had multiple opportunites to play in acoustic singer/songwriter duos. Larry has also worked as a studio musician at Gold Rush Music Group, where he wrote out charts and recorded multiple instruments. He has learned a lot about performance and musicality throug this experience and enjoys sharing his knowledge with his students. 


Larry teaching Drums, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass and Piano. He is passionate about creating a comfortable environment for the students to learn in. He has students of all ages and loves to encourage them and help them move forward towards their musical goals. 


The Strokes

1st song you learned beginning to end

Back in Black - AC/DC


The Saxophone


Just A Phase - Incubus

what inspired you into music

Watching my grandfather play Jazz


Seeing students take all the information they have been given and apply it to something original. Every musician has a unique quality in them and I love being able to give them all the tools necessary to unleash it.

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