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Guitar, Voice, Piano, Drum, and Bass Instructor

Jack Shanahan, owner of Jack’s Guitar Garage, has been teaching guitar for over 15 years. He is a Berklee College of Music Schooled musician, a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter.

As a passionate teacher, Jack sees potential in every student who walks through his door. He has developed a versatile teaching style that encompasses fundamental skills, creativity, self-expression and fun. His creation known as the Young Beginners Group Guitar Program has grown since its inception and has been building a solid foundation for young musicians for more than six years.

Jack’s musical talents and performances have been recognized with numerous awards and accomplishments. As a high school band member, Jack received the “Luis Armstrong Jazz Award” for his trumpet performances.  Billboard Magazine has recognized him six times for his songwriting.  Jack’s band, Jack & Present Co., has been nominated five times by Phoenix Magazine’s best music poll.

Jack produced and released his second full-length CD, Triple, with John Ryan, a major record producer who has worked with Styx and Santana. Since then he has produced and released another album with a fourth coming. In addition to Jack’s Guitar Garage, which he opened in 2009, he has independently built, owned and operated two 24-track recording studios. Jack's Guitar Garage now has a music school in two locations and has a Performance Center with a full recording studio. This is all part of Jack's vision to further the future of the musicians in our community. 


I have favorites within every style of music, but some of the artists that touch my soul the most would be: Stevie Wonder, Prince, Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

1st song you learned beginning to end

A song I wrote called "Outrage"


The Harp

  • Sometimes it snows in April - Prince

  • Rocket Love - Stevie Wonders

  • Resignation Superman - Big Head Todd

what inspired you into music

I became a musician because of the overwhelming feeling I received from listening to music. It evoked a multitude of emotions out of me and I desired to create that feeling myself.


What sticks out most for me is hearing from parents how music lessons enhanced and changed a student's life for the better. I've talked with many grateful and emotional parents that have made me realize that what we do is special on many levels.



Students answer:

"What's your favorite thing about Jack?"

“He’s Kind, funny and a very good teacher.

He also teaches and explains everything well.”

Andrew - piano student, age 10