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Students answer:

"What's your favorite thing about Chris?"



"He makes it fun, and picks great songs to practice" 

Stefan - guitar student, age 13

General Manager
Guitar, Voice, Piano, Ukulele and Bass Instructor

Chris started his musical career at age 13 when his love of music drove him to his first guitar, since then his passion for music has grown exponentially.

His focus on music brought him to study with Jack in 2006, at which point it became obvious that this was his passion. Through education he’s been developing techniques in Rock, Blues & Classical. He studied classical guitar with acclaimed classical guitarist, Jerome Mouffe. Chris graduated in May 2015 from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education.

Chris has been working at Jack’s Guitar Garage since it's opening and is now the General Manager, as well as an instructor. Currently, Chris teaches Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele and Voice as well as contributing to the summer Rock School Programs.


”I think it is very important to make sure students are not just good players , but are good musicians” says Chris. Because of this, he teaches his lessons with a focus on the music his students are learning and not just the ability to play an instrument. 


“Once students realize that the music they’re learning applies to ALL instruments, it really makes them realize the importance and magnitude of learning the language, and not just how to play.” 


The Beatles

1st song you learned beginning to end

"Holiday" by Green Day


The Cello


"In My Life" by The Beatles

what inspired you into music

The movie School of Rock made me want to be a guitar player, and after taking a Music Theory course in High School it made me want to be a musician.


Being able see a student's progress over years of studying and seeing them create their own music.  I also always love it when students bring me their original compositions. That really shows a lot of dedication and hard work!

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